Promoting You

Surewin Medallion Venders has the BEST Medallions & HOTTEST Vending Machines for marketing your venue via retail sales of Branded Collector Medallions. Your Medallions carry the images and text of your choice, thereby creating a lasting memory of your venue.

As you know, just another “trinket” lost in the souvenir display case isn’t a very exciting prospect to your guests. SMV has perfected a very aggressive sales platform for your Medallions. We have created an electronic program (U.S. patent 9,135,771 & Canada patent 2,525,905) that allows a current model slot machine to accept paper currency, and “VEND” one Souvenir Medallion for every “play”. By harnessing the universal appeal of slot machines, that ANY AGE can play, the results are extremely fast retail sales! When you purchase your Venue Branded Medallions from SMV, we provide the vending machine(s) to sell your Medallions. The vending machines can be delivered with custom designed artwork to convey a “narrative” of your Attraction and overall Brand. We also provide all the parts to maintain the slot vender at no charge to you (excluding shipping).


Presentation Grade Medallions
are Highly Prized Collectibles

Create a life-long connection with your guests!