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Marketing your business through the direct sales of Presentation Grade Medallions




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Presentation Grade Medallions provide an outstanding medium to communicate a message of celebration or commemoration and lend their high intrinsic value to any type of advertising program

Surewin Medallion Venders has developed a concept for marketing your business through the direct sales of custom-made Presentation Grade Medallions. Your medallions carry the images and wording of your choice, and create a lasting impression of your attraction.

As you know, just another “trinket” lost in the souvenir display case isn’t a very exciting prospect to your patrons. Our company has produced a very exciting marketing device for your medallions. We have created an electronic program (U.S. and foreign pat. pend.) that allows a current model slot machine to accept paper currency, and deliver one custom souvenir medallion for every “play”. The slot machine is no longer a gambling device, but is now a vending machine! The attraction of playing a slot machine is a well-known fact. By converting it to a vending machine rather than a gambling device, any age can play!

Everyone gets excited by the sounds and spinning reels. For an additional charge, a custom top glass can be produced with your name and any graphics you choose for back lit advertising.